Why trex DCAS? - trexDCAS

    • We are Ministry approved Software and Electronic R & D Center .
    • We’re showing maximum effort to meet your customization requests.
    • We have a web-based HelpDesk portal so you can control our after-sales services
    • We do not waste your resources. We can work on Cloud Technologies. The only application that can work with this field cloud technology is trex DCAS application.
    • World giant Coca Cola currently uses our products to gather data from more than 5,000 devices in over 100production facilities in 38 countries and instantly monitor production, and only 4 Virtual Cloud Servers are used in doing so.
    • We have a technology that is very flexible compared to our ratios and can be customized in advanced level according to your wishes.
    • We are dominant in the industry-oriented and IOT (Internet of Objects) topic and are making new R & D investments in this direction.
    • All the software we use in our projects, HMI (Operator Panel), 10 cards are designed and produced in our own facilities by using TUBITAK R & D support.
    • BUY-SELL data to the U-ET SATA ‘re doing.
    • We have TSE ISO 27001, TSE ISO 9001, TSE ISO 15504 SPICE and CE Certificates.
    • We offer competitive and Scalable budgets.
    • All workstations in your production line can be monitored instantaneously on the basis of personnel and work orders.
    • Machine-based production scheduling can be done automatically thanks to real-time data.
    • You can receive detailed reports of your capacity and productivity on the basis of workstation, machine and personnel.
    • All acquired data can be retrieved retrospectively with unlimited and flexible reporting tool.
    • You can provide complete traceability of orders, products, workstations, business centers, machines and staff.
    • You can watch all the items affecting the money with the actual data.

    DCAS NGP Operator Panel Using the touch screens of PLC units, the personnel on the production line can enter data in a very short time with minimum workload.
    With Internet technology, you can monitor your business from anywhere in the world, instantly.
    With the data that can be obtained from the system, you can reach the healthy statistical information, make strategic decisions and direct your production.

    Mold Equipment and Preventive Maintenance Times Detection (CMMS Integration) can be done.
    You will receive from the system, your machine capacity utilization calculations will provide great support.
    Work can be done by observing your lost time.
    You can optimize your operation times.
    With MS SQL Server database you have a robust and reliable data infrastructure.
    With SMS Alert Service, you can receive immediate alerts and intervene on time.
    You can work independently or with an integrated ERP system.
    With GANTT Planning Method you can make flexible and effective planning.
    Determining the start and end times of operators’ work orders and their duration You can determine the
    technical team’s intervention and repair times for machine failures. You can follow the repairs done for the machine in the actual data light.
    You can examine the causes of production and posture through the run / stop charts within the given date and time ranges.
    You can reflect the data generated within your operator, your ANDON information boards as you wish.
    All information can be monitored over the internet using terminal service. Periodic reports can be sent to email addresses. Emergency alerts can be received via SMS from your mobile phone.