Manufacturing Execution System - trexDCAS


The analyzes that can be made with the production and stop signals to be taken from the system and the production and stop times, the work order information, the manual stop position information, the manual (or automatic if possible) scrap-fire information to be created and the information to be made are as follows.

* Machine, Equipment, Line Planning (GANTT Scheduling)
* Productivity Analysis Implementation in OEE Standards
* Conversion Time Analysis
* Average Speed ​​Analysis
* Loss Detection and Analysis
* Analysis of Business Change-Setup Times
* Analysis of Failure Response Times (MTTR / MTBF Analyzes)
* Analysis of Breakdown Completion Times
* Analysis of Production Quantities
* Analysis of Scrap – Wastage Quantities and Reasons
* Energy Analysis (Real Time Energy Consumption Analysis Based on Work Order,
* Online Monitoring (DCAS Live – WEB Browser, WINDOWS PHONE, IPHONE and ANDROID versions available, downloadable from relevant store)
* ANDON Applications (Can be customized with LCD TV in every dimension and customizable formats can be customized)

With the data provided within the application, reports can be received with the automatic sending of mail to the receiver.
Apart from these tools are available in the software to generate unlimited reports. Drag and drop allows unlimited configuration report generation.
Andon’s Design Management and Publishing panel, where you can create your own custom ANDON screens in minutes, you can visualize your business with the current system.

Machinery, Equipment, Line Planning (GANTT Scheduling)

Within the trex DCAS system, you can plan the machining of machinery, equipment, etc. on the basis of labor.
Drag and drop in a highly flexible interface allows you to see snapshots and workloads, interleaved maintenance, or postures.
Work orders are divided into smaller quantities at the same interface, and these new jobs can be handled easily by drag and drop.

WEB-Based Reporting and Online Monitoring

WEB-based reporting and instant monitoring tools are available in the trex DCAS system.
With these tools, you can instantly query all losses on the basis of machine, equipment, line, personnel, and work orders.
You can see the status of all your equipment instantly.

Operation Conversion Time Histogram Analysis

Operation Conversion Time Pareto Analysis

Operator Panel Main Screen