Andon Management - trexDCAS


Andon Pano; It is a visual inspection device that informs about the current situation of the production system and warns the team members about the approaching problems, usually illuminated and placed above the head level in the production area.

It is an electronic system with software support which is developed to allow the operator to see the manufacturing costs and to deduct the minimum cost. Andon first started to use lamps as lighted columns, then the lamp groups turned into lamp panels. Along with the development of technology, LEDs have become widespread as digital panels. With the development of PC PLC technology, this panel has not only become a signal tool, it has become a complex visual management tool, process control tool. Trex DCAS All information, text, graphics on the TV can be changed instantly as Andon panels use LCD / Plasma TV. A TV can be divided into a subdivision (or even a subdivision). Images may change on the screen, many different information may be displayed.

Trex DCAS Andon Panels can also be used for informational, warning or referral purposes (Enjoyment, Welcome, Safety Precautions, Birthday celebrations etc.)

• Production speed information of machines and lines can be monitored instantaneously.
• The reasons for stopping the machines can be monitored.
• Values ​​such as performance, quality, OEE, efficiency can be monitored.
• Capacity utilization rates, occupancy rates can be monitored.
• Any information in the database can be reflected in the treax DCAS Andon panel via the TCP / IP protocol.

Visual OEE: Visualization of important criteria such as OEE, production quantities, work order acceptance percentages, downtime, performance values ​​in the production environment.