“Innovation Week of Turkey” was realized as “TURKISH INNOVATION AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP WEEK” by incorporating “BORN GLOBAL” (Inner Global) identity in 2017 as the event that contributes to the settlement and development of the concept of innovation in our country.

Reaching 60,000 visitors; A total of 31 foreign guests welcomed the guest speaker; This year, with more than 200 institutions participated, the names of innovation and entrepreneurship were among the most valuable names in the world.

The event organized by TİM at the Istanbul Congress Center between December 6th and 9th, 2017 brings together all the colors of the world of innovation and entrepreneurship this year. The topics and speakers that will change the agenda of Turkey by gathering industrialists, academicians, university students, technology leaders, entrepreneurs, angel investors, non-governmental organizations and AR-GE and science and technology centers from the world and Turkey are focused on bringing them together with our visitors and participants .