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The Difference Between MES & MOM ?

The terms Production Execution System (MES) and Production Operations Management (MOM) are often used interchangeably and define a different functional area for each production specialist.

  • Some people think they are synonymous and / or replace each other.
  • Some people think MES is a subset of MOM.
  • Some people think we should choose one of them.
  • The majority do not have ideas.

We will use the term Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) to cover the ISA-95 Level 3 architecture and functionality, as shown in the simplified diagram shown in the graphic. This includes extensions or variations in the ISA-95 model.

mes ile mom arasındaki fark

MOM is also a more comprehensive solution that directs other related operations such as warehouse, shipping, quality and labor. In addition, a complete MOM solution can provide some kind of visibility for supply chain operations and “large data” production to provide decision support in the form of production forecasting.

The TreX DCAS is able to descend to Level 0 (zero) because it can receive and process data like a PLC when needed, and can receive signals from the machine sensor without the need for any extra equipment. When software solutions such as quality maintenance modules are also considered, they are within the boundaries of MOM which exceed the MES limits.