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trexDCAS provides solution-oriented, sustainable quality and proper services supporting productivity and profitability increase accordingly with the requirements and expectations of its customers no matter what their industry is.

OUR SOLUTIONS With our years of experience and what we learned from our portfolio, we’ve turned into a big family able to develop the solutions it designs and becomes the sole solutions partner of its customers.

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Üretim Yürütme Sistemi (MES), üretimde kullanılan her türlü metot ile aracın toplandığı, çevrimiçi olarak entegre edilen bilgisayar destekli bir sistemdir.
Manufacturing Operation Management is a methodology used to watch manufacturing processes end-to-end in order to optimize efficiency.
Industry 4.0 is the collective name of a set of technology and value chain organizations concepts.
MES and MOM terms are used interchangeably and define different functions for each production specialist.