Company Profile - trexDCAS

Since 2003, enterprise software solutions MES produce their products in the market, “Trex” and “DCAS” The main brands marketed under the proprietary software Merten in the first months 2018 3000 2 ‘like will be moved to the new address. Arge and Technology center, which we acquired in February 2017, will continue to provide more qualified and distinguished services to its customers through its authorized services.

Mert Software already has 2 locations in two different regions. Bursa in the Marmara region and approximately 50 employees in the offices located in Konya in Central Anatolia.
Since its inception, Mert Software, which aims to be a technology producing company, has both Electronic R & D and Software R & D departments and operates these two units in an integrated manner to produce embedded systems. Having developed production management systems for many years, Mert Software has taken its decision to develop these experiences in the field of MES with the Electronic R & D department that it has established in 2008 and has successfully completed 3 different Tubitak projects so far. Mert Software continues to develop the products resulting from these projects by adding value added to their MES projects.


Mert Software meets the needs and expectations of its customers regarding information technology solutions on a sectoral basis, offering services that support solution-focused, sustainable quality and on-site support and increase productivity and profitability. With a staff of software experts who use up-to-date and sophisticated technological capabilities, we are focused solely on developing enterprise information systems. It offers solutions on different software platforms to realize the most suitable solutions for its clients in their projects.


Mert Software aims to be a solution partner in the corporate projects of its stakeholders with its reliable workforce in system integration and reliable MES solutions developed using up-to-date technologies.