With trex DCAS software and DCAS NGP PLC Operator Panel Data Collection Terminals, workstations in real-time electronic data collection is provided.

All of the workstations in the production line can be tracked in real time on the basis of staff and work orders.

The machine-based manufacturing planning can be done automatically with real-time data.

System capacity reports can be taken from the system in detail on the basis of work stations, machinery and personnel efficiency.

All the obtained data can be analyzed retrospectively with a flexible reporting tool.

Full traceability of orders, products, workstations, work centers, machinery and personnel is provided.

Using DCAS NGP PLC touch screen units, data entry and data query are provided with the minimum workload to the production line staff.

With the healthy data and statistical information available from the system, production can be planned.

Mechanical equipment, preventive maintenance time can be determined.

Studies can be done to eliminate loss of labor time.

Duration of the operation can be optimized. Projected duration of operation time is comparable with the actual operation. Operating times vary on the basis of personnel and machines can be monitored.

Flexible and effective planning can be done with GANTT planning. Open work orders are easily separable, bench changes can be done, can be taken forward or back.

Operator's work orders start and end times are determined. By evaluating this period necessary improvement studies can be done.

Machine failures, repair and interfere times with the technical team can be detected.

In the given time ranges, production and stop causes can be examined over start/stop graphics.

Instant monitoring of planned and unplanned stances and consequently the TPM indicator OEE' s TEEP' s measurement, and daily, weekly, monthly statistics can be obtained on the basis of machine, product, shifts.

Coverage ratio of job orders and the OEE values ​​can be compared on the basis of shifts.

Need for investments in new equipment can be determined.

Calculation of net working time of workstations and workstation operating efficiency can be observed on a daily basis.

Process and machine capability indexes can be calculated.

Personnel tally information to be calculated automatically by the system.

Personnel, equipment, work stations net benefit ratios and cost of losses can be seen.

Equipment and personnel efficiencies can be calculated on the basis of personnel and shifts.

Main Objectives:

To achieve high quality usage of time.
To provide a rapidly increasing production efficiency.
To provide minimum cost and high competitive power.
To provide the maximum improvement in amortization and labor costs.
Instant production monitoring.
To see lost time and stances instantly.
Instant tracking of workstations occupancy ratios.
To see where the related order is in the production process.
To determine staff performance with the actual values.
To get the actual values ​​for the information required for improvement works.
To reach the data in a short time over a database.
Avoiding errors and delays by eliminating the human factor.
With instant data stream from production making healthy work scheduling and planning.
Monitoring of work load and capacity utilization ratios of workstations.